5 Lands Walk 2020

20/06/2020 to 21/6/2020

2020 marks the 145th year of the 5 Lands Walk and as in past years, the annual CONNECTIONS exhibition at Avoca Beach Surf Club will feature some exceptional work by acclaimed artists practicing locally and afar.


The exhibition adopts the 5 Lands Walk theme of connecting people to people and people to place.


Artists wishing to enter the exhibition must complete an entry form and pay an entry fee via Trybooking.


Entries close mid May 2020. Click on the following highlighted words for details.


Contact:  Margaret Fortey 

Entry form: Connections 2021 (available April 2021)

Entry payment: Connections Exhibition - 5 Lands Walk 2020

5 Lands Walk 2019

23/6/2019 to 23/6/2019

The annual EPHEMERA exhibition of sculptural installations at Avoca Beach also celebrates its 12th year for 5 Lands Walk 2016. Ephemera has featured some of Australia's most renowned sculptors and we are looking forward to another exciting year in 2020.


Installations are made from found, natural, local or recycled materials and reflect the 5 Lands Walk theme of connecting people to people and people to place.  Ephemera is about demonstrating a sense of place through a sensibility to the physical, spiritual and cultural environments of the 5 Lands. Interpretation of the theme is open, but might include reference to the Aboriginal, pioneer or the more recent history of the place and the connection of its people to the land. It might include influences such as the winter solstice and its significance to both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities, the serpent creation story or the northern migration of the whale.


Artists interested in exhibiting must complete an entry form no later than mid May 2020. Click on the links below for contact email and entry form.


Contact:  TBC

Entry Form:  Ephemera 2020 coming soon